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If you have been significantly injured due to medical malpractice, you have a right to recover compensation for your injuries. In order to prevail in a medical negligence action, it is critical that you contact an experienced malpractice lawyer who understands medicine as well as the law.

At The Law Office of April Strang-Kutay, we have represented the victims of medical negligence for over 35 years, and have obtained many six and seven figure awards for our clients. We have access to the finest medical experts across the nation, and believe that lawsuits should only be pursued if they have merit, and are supported by highly credible medical authorities in the field.

If you have suffered significant damage due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other health-care provider, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. In order to assert a case, it must be established by competent evidence that the medical professional acted below the standard of care in rendering treatment. In order to prove negligence, the following four prongs must be successfully addressed:

  • Duty: a general duty of care placed on the medical personnel
  • Breach: the acts or omissions of the medical professional that violated the duty of care
  • Causation: the action or inaction of the medical professional was a substantial factor in causing the victim’s injury; and
  • Damages: the victim suffered harm because of the injury sustained.

If you have been significantly injured because of the perceived negligence of a medical professional, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are statutory rules in each state known as the Statute of Limitations which govern when a lawsuit must be brought, or the opportunity to recover compensation for injuries may be forever lost. In some states, the time to file a lawsuit will expire as soon as one year after the occurrence of a negligent act. For a child, the time limit may be longer, depending upon the state in which the child suffered injury. Once you contact us, and we accept the responsibility to investigate your potential case, we will immediately begin working on your file to determine if there is merit in asserting a claim. We are dedicated to representing our clients with zeal and determination , and adhere to the highest and most rigorous ethical standards.

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