Law Office Building

April Strang-Kutay receives the bulk of her caseload from referrals from other law firms and brain tumor societies, as well as cases which come to her attention through direct client inquiry. In cases referred by another attorney firm, she honors a referral fee, and April strives to keep referral counsel well-informed and up-to-date on the progress of the case. If the client in question requires legal assistance in an area of the law outside the sphere of medical negligence, April directs referral clients back to the referral firm for such work to be done, unless this firm does not practice in the legal area within question. When a matter is referred, April makes every effort to be in touch with the prospective client within one day after the referral is made, and is conscientious about investigating the matter as expediently as possible so as to return the client to the referral firm promptly if the case is not taken, with the goal that there is ample time within the statute of limitations for another referral to be made. April practices in all counties in Pennsylvania, and will consider handling a case in any state, depending upon the subject matter entailed.

April also works on select neurologic cases as a consultant, guiding attorneys in Pennsylvania and other states on cases where her expertise can be helpful. In some cases, consulting work may be limited to an overall review of a case in order to advise a firm if the matter is meritorious to pursue; and , in other instances, the consulting service may be more complex, and involve assisting with medical expert selection, preparation for deposition, and medical research/support.