Brain Injury / Brain Tumor Claims

Brain Injury

The diagnosis of a brain tumor or serious neurologic condition is a difficult time, fraught with worry and concern. Often, treatment choices are complex and overwhelming. When treatment options are not explained adequately and factually, patients sometimes opt for a treatment that may not be in their best interests. When there is a delay in diagnosis of a brain lesion, often the patient loses the opportunity to have the tumor treated in the least invasive, most beneficial way. While the vast majority of doctors have good intentions, at times, surgical error compounds an already compromised situation.

April Strang-Kutay has developed a national reputation in her representation of patients afflicted with brain tumors, and other serious neurologic conditions. She has litigated these cases in multiple states across the nation. Ms. Strang-Kutay achieved the first favorable verdict against a surgeon for his failure to adequately convey the treatment option of radiosurgery to a patient afflicted with an acoustic neuroma. She has litigated more than 30 claims related to this tumor pathology alone—including lack of informed consent, delay in diagnosis, and surgical error.  Ms. Strang-Kutay has both lectured as well as published on this subject. Her empathy and concern for patients with a brain tumor diagnosis has earned her a national reputation in advocating for the rights of victims of malpractice in this area.

At The Law Office of April Strang-Kutay, we have protected the rights of medical malpractice victims across the nation for more than 35 years. We bring an intimate understanding of both the law and medicine to our practice.

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