Cancer Misdiagnosis


When there has been a delay in the diagnosis of cancer, a patient often faces a poorer prognosis, and sometimes confronts the need for more aggressive and burdensome treatment. We handle all matters related to injuries sustained when there has been a negligent failure to diagnose cancer by a physician or other healthcare provider. We have successfully recovered compensation in cases where doctors failed to recognize or respond to clear symptoms, or neglected to order a mammogram or biopsy. We protect the rights of people in cases involving all types of cancer including bladder, colon, breast, lung and skin.

We will investigate all facets of your potential claim, obtaining and reviewing all the relevant evidence, and work with medical experts to craft a credible, legitimate claim if medical negligence is responsible for harming prognosis or causing a patient to undergo a more burdensome treatment protocol than if the disease had been caught at an earlier time. We will be at your side throughout the process, preparing and filing all necessary documentation, and acting as your advocate in all proceedings, including settlement discussion, mediation or trial, if necessary.

We offer an initial free consultation. Call our office at 717-509-6141, or email Ms. Strang-Kutay at to arrange for an office consultation or free consult.