Surgical Error


Often, when a patient experiences a surgical complication, even though the resulting condition may be tragic and unanticipated, the injury is an event that can happen even under the best of care as medicine is an inexact science, and perfection is not the standard by which medical conduct is judged. However, occasionally, a mistake occurs at surgery which is preventable when appropriate medical care is rendered. In such a circumstance, it may be advisable to pursue a legal action. For instance, example of surgical mistakes where compensation may be due the injured patient include nerve injury during many types of surgery, wrong site surgery, surgical instruments/sponges left behind inadvertently, and injuries caused by faulty technique.

When a surgical error that is the result of medical negligence causes an injury, we represent clients in cases of this nature. We will investigate all aspects of your potential claim, obtaining and reviewing all the relevant evidence, and work with medical experts to craft a credible, legitimate claim. We will be at your side throughout the process, preparing and filing all necessary documentation, and acting as your advocate in all proceedings, including settlement discussion, mediation or trial, if necessary.

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